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The UK Govt. has announced the ban of gas boilers in all new homes by 2025. If you do currently use gas central heating, you may be searching for a viable alternative. This article details the Best Electric Boiler/ Boilers you can buy in 2022. Following the gas boiler ban, the Government has also stated that by 2035, the use of gas for domestic heating will be phased out completely. As a country we have been so reliant on gas, especially as gas was so cheap by virtue of the North Sea. 

With gas prices on the rise, coupled with the gas boiler ban; UK consumers are frantically searching for modern, efficient and eco-friendly alternatives to gas boilers. But this isn’t an easy task! With every heating company claiming their products are the best on the market; How do you choose the best heating solution for your home? If you already use gas central heating, it would be logical and easier to switch to an electric boiler. But this raises another question- Which electric boiler should you install in your home? 

Gas Boiler Ban 2025

What is an electric boiler? 

An electric boiler works with the same principle as a gas/oil boiler, but it uses electricity as an energy source rather than the combustion of fossil fuels. Millions of homes around the UK have boilers that burn gas or oil in order to produce heat. This heat generated, in turn heats the water, the hot water is stored in a tank and flows through pipes- providing space-heating via wet radiators. 

Unlike fossil fuel boilers, electric boilers are 100% efficient at the point of use. This means if you pay for 1kW of electricity, you will receive 1kW of heat. With the UK moving to cleaner and sustainable sources of energy; now may be the perfect time to replace your old, inefficient gas or oil boilers and replace it with a modern electric one. This solution is perfect for those homes in the UK that are not connected to a gas network as well. 


Why choose an electric boiler over a gas boiler? 

 Disadvantages of gas boilers: 

Higher upfront costs– Installing a gas boiler can be expensive. Some may find the boiler itself expensive, and for new installations, gas lines will have to be installed (which could cost you a pretty penny). When you add in the costs of maintenance (ideally every year); gas boilers may not be as cheap of a heating solution as one may think. Many UK consumers have relied on gas for decades (mainly on account of the cheaper fuel price). Recently,gas prices soared by 250%.

Risk of gas leaks– Gas is transported via pipes from the supply to the boiler. If the gas lines that are transporting the gas from the supply to the boiler happen to leak, your home can become a very dangerous place to be. A gas leak isn’t toxic to breathe in, but it is highly combustible. This means there is a high chance of an explosion if there is a gas leak. 

Inefficient– Although modern gas boilers are more efficient compared to older models; gas boilers are not as efficient as electric boilers. For a gas boiler to produce 1kW of heat in your radiators, it would need up to 2.5kW of gas to be burned. 

Bad for the environment– The main reason behind the gas boiler ban is the large amounts of carbon it releases into the atmosphere when burned. Domestic heating accounts for 14% of the UK’s total emissions. When you include industrial processes, this totals 37% of the UK’s carbon emissions. Electricity generation using fossil fuels has a major carbon footprint, but domestic gas boilers emit twice as much CO2 as all power stations in the UK.  In order to meet our country’s net zero carbon target, it is important to phase-out the use of gas (especially for domestic heating). 

Advantages of electric boilers: 

 Space-saving– Modern electric boilers save valuable space in your home. Many electric boilers have a tank within them. The electric combi-boiler for example uses its heating element to provide you with hot water when you need it and is often the cheapest and easiest type of electric boiler to install. There is not a storage system with this type of boiler, so the water is heated on demand, saving you space.

Energy efficient– As mentioned earlier, electric boilers and electric heating is 100% efficient at the point of use. 100% of the power delivered from the mains supply ends up as heat within the home. It would be illogical to use electricity elsewhere (for example: to generate hydrogen), as that process will not be 100% efficient.

Lower maintenance costs– Because electric boilers operate in a much more straightforward way than a gas or oil boiler, there is far less to go wrong. This means electric boilers tend to be much more reliable and require less maintenance during their lifespan.

Eco-friendly– Electric boilers have no primary carbon footprint. It does have a secondary carbon footprint, but with more and more electricity being generated from renewable sources; this is decreasing. Over the last 5 years, our (the UK’s) share of electricity being generated from renewables has increased by 20%.  

No risk of fuel leaks– Electric boilers do not ignite fossil fuels to generate heat. They use electricity to heat an element which in turn heats water. With no requirement for fossil fuels, there are no risks of fuel leaks. 


How does an electric boiler work? 

 The principle that electric boilers operate on is fairly simple. The boilers operate by having running water pass through a heated element. This element is heated by electricity. Once the water is heated, it passes through the rest of your home’s heating system (wet radiators or underfloor heating), warming your home to an optimal temperature. 


Types of electric boilers. 

 Electric combi boilers 

A combi-boiler is by far the most popular type of boiler on the market. It is also called a direct system because it provides both hot water and central heating. These boilers facilitate easy and instant control of the heating in your home. A combi-boiler uses a heating element to heat up water on demand. 

Storage boilers

Storage boilers are a great choice for consumers on an economy-7 energy tariff. Evident from the name itself, storage boilers store hot water in a water tank. Utilising the cheaper night-time tariff to heat the water in the tank; this can be a cost-effective solution for some customers. 

 Dry core storage boilers 

 These boilers work on a similar principle of storage boilers. A dry-core electric storage boiler works by heating the bricks of your home overnight. The heat from the bricks is then released into the water tank where it can then be used for central heating or hot water.

 Electric CPSU 

 The combined primary storage unit is a great option for homes with a high demand for hot water. This type of boiler stores a large amount of hot water, which means this solution can provide hot water much quicker than other solutions. 

 Solar compatible boilers

 These types of boilers have an immersion heater that can be connected to solar panels. Relying partially on solar energy, this is a sustainable and environment-friendly choice. 


 What makes a boiler the Best Electric Boiler on the market? 

 High quality components and manufacturing:

 As with any technological solution, you should always choose a product with high-quality manufacturing. A boiler that uses traditional manufacturing whilst utilising the latest technology; is a boiler you should install in your home. A well-made boiler will last you decades (if maintained properly). With a great focus laid on sustainable energy in recent times, it would be worthwhile investing in an electric boiler that is Solar PV compatible. 

 Reliable brand:

 You should always choose a reliable brand, especially for domestic heating. You need a company that not only offers high-quality boilers, but also provides highly-rated customer service. Consumers please do your research! Platforms like TrustPilot and Feefo provide verified customer reviews. Reading through reviews of past customers is a great way of establishing the quality of service of a company. 

 Low failure rates and quick recovery time:

 Various corrosion mechanisms contribute to boiler failure. Stress corrosion may result in either intercrystalline or transgranular cracking of carbon steel. It is caused by a combination of metal stress and the presence of a corrosive. The quick recovery boilers have a special high-performance heat exchanger which reduces boiler cycling and maximizes the time the boiler can operate in condensing mode. When choosing an electric boiler, be mindful of the failure rate and recovery time. 

Complete control:

 A key feature for every efficient heating solution is control. Without being able to control your heating, you may end up using energy inefficiently. This will also increase running costs. You should choose a boiler which enables you to be in full control of the heating. It is preferable to have a wireless thermostat along with a boiler, to enable you to control your heating from any room in your home. 

 Long lasting and manufacturer’s warranty:

 A good quality electric boiler should have an average lifespan of over 20 years. You should choose a company that provides you with at least a 5-year warranty. This will provide you with an added sense of security, knowing that your boiler is covered in the event of a breakdown or fault. If a fault or breakdown occurs with your boiler during its warranty period, the manufacturer should organize a repair or replacement.

The Best Electric Boilers 2022 should have all the attributes stated above. 

Electric heating boiler

Need a new boiler? Choose Fischer! 

 Here at Fischer Future Heat we manufacture and install home heating solutions, and have been doing it for over 70 years. Apart from our popular dynamic clay-core radiators, we also manufacture and install 100% electric boilers.

Fischer has different models of electric boilers, to accommodate the heating requirements of a wide range of consumers (Fischer electric Duo boiler- available in a floor-standing or wall-mounted version and the Fischer electric heating-only boiler). 

Fischer electric boilers are built with the future in mind. With no need for external water tanks or cylinders, the Fischer EB is a modern and efficient heating solution to replace your outdated heating. Made from AISI 316L steel, Fischer EB is built to last and simple to operate. And with no additional need for servicing, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing there is no risk of your boiler breaking down.

Fischer electric boilers come with an exclusive wireless thermostat as standard. This enables you to be in full control of your heating. No wasted heat, no wasted energy and no more panicking when the weather takes a turn for the worse. At the touch of a button, you will experience the warmth and comfort of Fischer EB.

If you are currently heating your home via gas central heating, Fischer electric boilers are a more efficient and safer alternative. It is the future of domestic heating. They have an average lifespan of over 20 years. They also have a very low failure rate- this product is built to last! It is half the size of an average cylinder. The Fischer electric duo boiler is an all-in-one solution. It provides both heating and hot water within your home. The Fischer electric heating-only boiler on the other hand is a great choice for customers who prefer keeping their space and water heating separate. The heating-only boiler can be used in conjunction with the Aquafficient(a space-saving water heater using patented thermal storage technology) or the Aquafficient Eco+(an air-source water heater). 

Best Electric Boilers

Fischer boilers are handmade, ensuring a high-quality output. Not only do Fischer manufacture and install a highly efficient and superior product, they are rated highly on verified customer review sites like TrustPilotand Feefo. They offer a 10-year warranty on their boilers, which is much higher than the industry standard. Fischer has also received the Feefo Platinum Service award this year (2021), for their dedication to complete customer satisfaction. 

Fischer has always advocated low-carbon heating solutions. Fischer boilers are Solar PV compatible. With the UK Govt. pushing for net zero carbon by 2050; we soon need to make the switch from gas to electric. Continuing using fossil fuels will not only have a detrimental effect on the planet but also pose a great risk to our posterity. 

With over 250,000 heating solutions installed in UK homes, if and when you are making the switch, Fischer should be your first choice. THINK ELECTRIC. THINK FISCHER.

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