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It is no secret that in recent years our homes have become more and more automated, with systems of smart technology improving our quality of life in many aspects of our homes. And heating is no exception. Increasingly sophisticated methods of heating have gone far past just being a passing trend, and more people are waking up to the realisation that it’s a bandwagon worth jumping on.


Because quite frankly it is becoming far too expensive not to. Readers will not be surprised when we say that UK households have seen their energy bills rise by a third in the last five years. It is a squeeze we have all felt and the reality is the cost will continue to rise. Considering these facts, the only option left to consumers is to look at how they use energy and ways of reducing it. If the environmental aspect wasn’t motivating enough for some, the economising potential certainly is now.

In return, Fischer Future Heat have seen the demand for more sophisticated and efficient ways of heating homes, and have invested in better technology in order to deliver a modern solution to this energy crisis of our times. The best solution currently on the market is undoubtedly heating controls, intelligent thermostats which allow users to control and thus reduce the amount of heat they use and waste.

For far too long we in the UK have been heating our homes in the most illogical of ways.

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Having one master mechanism which universally controls all of the heating in the house. We have become so used to it, that even today there are many who still think this is a normal way of heating a home. But think of it like this: would you have one light switch which controlled all the lighting throughout your home? Of course not, we would think that bizarre, and yet this is how we have been heating our homes for decades. When put like this, it is clear that the case for heating controls is hardly one that needs arguing.

Not being able to control heating individually in different areas of your home is both impractical and expensive. I’d like to say it’s a luxury you can’t afford, but it’s not even that – it’s like paying for a Ferrari and getting a Fiat. You’re paying more money, for living worse off. A Fischer heating system with proper controls should allow the user to programme their heaters to turn on and off at different times, only distributing heat as and when it’s needed.

What heaters with smart controls do, is recognise that each householder will have a lifestyle individual to them, and that their heating consumption pattern will follow. For example, you may not want to heat some rooms as much or at all if they are not in use, as with bedrooms during the daytime. Whilst a retired couple who spend more time at home, may need to heat their home for longer periods of time, but again not necessarily every single room. For this reason a home should always be thought of as having different zones, all of which need individual heat requirements. Zones are not necessarily a room, as many homes may have open plan areas such as a kitchen and dining area. Zone would therefore here refer to an area heated and controlled by one thermostat, of which you may need more than one in a large space.

One of the biggest myths surrounding heating efficiency is that old houses, without good insulation and with larger heat loss potential than new builds, are not capable of minimising heat waste and still being a warm place to live.

This is a myth which has until now, prevented many householders from seeking better heating solutions for their homes, simply because they have not thought it possible. Another common misconception is that conventional thermostatic radiator valve systems (TRV) can mimic the energy savings that proper heating control systems deliver. TRVs have to be manually turned up and down, it is cumbersome task which can never achieve the efficiency of an automatic system. Furthermore, the need to do it manually means many people often don’t bother or won’t remember and so in reality, the same results are never attained. Many conventional TRVs also have no means of turning a boiler on or off, meaning the boiler is left running for long periods of time.

Slimline conservatory storage heater compatible with Economy 7 fitted to beige conservatory walls

It is clear that the only real answer is heating which allows you to strategically plan and control consumption in your home. Fischer Future heating controls now mean that energy efficiency is achievable for everyone and anyone. It is no longer an optional consideration, but a household necessity and definitely one worth investing in. The initial outlay is negligible when you consider the huge cost savings in the long term, and the increased comfort of your home. And whilst thousands of customers are feeling the benefits of having made the switch every day, thousands more are determined not to be left behind.

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