8 reasons to choose Fischer Future Heat

40mm clay core
Point one

Fischer heaters have an exclusive design. We are the only heater manufacturer that uses a 40mm chamotte clay core for storage, while other companies only use a 20mm core. Our core stores and retains more heat in comparison, resulting in increased comfort and efficiency for you and your family.

Heating elements going through clay core
Point Two

All of our heaters produce a radiant heat. The Fischer heating elements cover the entire clay core. The aforementioned elements are installed through perforations which run in straight lines through the chamotte clay core tablets. Many other heaters use basic embedded kettle elements and smaller clay core tablets, which require several electrical connections, thus increasing the possibility of an electrical fault.

Diagram showing how heat is released from radiator
Point three

Fischer heaters also have a built in convection chamber. To start with, the cold air in your room is inducted through the bottom of the heater. It then passes through the heating elements and chamotte clay core and is then emitted from the top of the heater and convected around your room using natural convection. Other forms of heating have external fluting, whereas Fischer heaters have the technology built-in.

Wireless thermostat and receiver
Point four

Unlike many other radiators, Fischer heaters do not measure the temperature at the bottom of the radiator. Instead, our wireless thermostat picks up the actual room temperature to ensure comfort for you and your family. You no longer need to sit by your heater to be warm as our thermostat assists the heater in warming the whole room, not just one area of it.

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Point Five

For more than 70 years, we have strived to provide our customers with the best heating solutions possible. Because of this experience, we are happy to provide all our customers with a 10 year guarantee. Unlike some other companies who simply repair the damaged heater, we will replace it completely. All heaters are also installed by our NICEIC registered electricians, with no sub-contractors involved.

100% complete heating guarantee sticker
Point Six

Complete heating guarantee: Should Fischer radiators not heat your room to a comfortable 21°C, we guarantee to replace your heater FREE OF CHARGE!1.

People working in factory
Point Seven

Our dedicated workforce of 150 highly trained staff will ensure you receive only the highest standard of service from start to finish.

Graph showing radiator power consumption
Point eight

Fischer heaters are not like other German storage heaters. We have been independently tested by BSRIA and BRE for your peace of mind, as well as having our energy consumption now verified by the Energy Saving Trust.

1 When installed by Fischer, within 12 months of order date and property should meet minimum building regulation standards.
*With two years on electrical components.

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As standard all Fischer heaters come with:

High Quality German Engineering

All Fischer dynamic Heaters are manufactured by our Master Craftsmen in Germany.

Controllable Heating System

Set each room to the temperature you want with our individual wireless thermostats.

Slimline, Low Input Smart Heaters

A 2.2kW Fischer Heater will only use 14.05kW to heat your room for 16 hours. This is 0.87kW per hour.

Exclusive 40mm Clay Core

Patented and designed with comfort and efficiency in mind.

Complete Heating Guarantee

1Only applies where all rooms in the property are heated, there are no more than 2 air exchanges per hour within the room & heaters are used according to manufacturer's instructions. Will not apply where a room has an open chimney / vents.

10yr Guarantee Warranty Direct

Enjoy peace of mind with our 10 year Warranty* with two years on electrical components.

Book a free heating survey

Our free, no obligation survey is design to ensure you get the correct sized heaters for your property. Our experienced heating engineers will assess the exact requirements of all rooms that require heating.

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