3 reasons to replace your night storage heaters

Everybody likes to be warm in their own home and everybody has their own comfort temperature. But nobody wants to struggle to heat their home.

Night storage heaters are notorious for offering poor heat distribution, a lack of controllability and not giving you enough heat in to the late afternoon and early evening.

Many homeowners rely on an extra form of heating to keep their home warm when their night storage heaters have run out of heat later in the day, adding to electricity costs and causing a massive inconvenience.

With many alternatives on the market, including Fischer radiators, here are 3 reasons why you should replace your storage heaters.

To improve your comfort levels

Night storage heaters may cause a lot of discomfort for many homeowners during the colder months of the year. You turn them on in the evening not knowing what the weather will be like the next day. Sometimes, you may wake up and the weather is warmer than expected and you have no choice but to leave your hot night storage heaters to distribute their heat, despite the fact you are already warm enough, with no way to turn them down.

Even worse is during winter when your night storage heaters may run out of heat by late afternoon, giving you no choice but to use another supplementary form of heating to keep your home warm throughout the evening. They also offer little to no controllability, only allowing you to open or close a small vent to poorly regulate the amount of heat they emit at any one time.

By changing to a fully controllable, thermostatically controlled heating system (such as Fischer radiators) you have full control over when your rooms are warm and to what exact temperature.

To keep your home décor looking pristine

Night storage heaters get very hot throughout the 7 hour heating period and due to their construction, a lot of the heat escapes out of the back and in to the walls of your home.

If you have ever removed a night storage heater, you will know that the wall behind may be burnt, flaky or completely ruined because of years of high heat being absorbed in to it.

Fischer radiators are constructed in such a way that the back of the heater does not get hot, meaning there will be no damage to your walls or décor, allowing for a much more pleasant and stress free heating experience.

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Benefit from the convenience of Wi-Fi control

Like we mentioned before, night storage heaters offer little to no controllability and generally only give you the option of opening or closing a vent to change how much or how little heat is given out.

With Fischer radiators, you have the option of adding Wi-Fi control via a smartphone or tablet. With the option of controlling, setting and monitoring the consumption of your heating from anywhere in the world.

We wrote about the Wi-Fi system in more detail earlier in the year.

Now you have a reason to replace your night storage heaters, why not request one of our FREE catalogue’s today?