Reasons why we need to think ‘Electric’…….. THINK FISCHER!

Think Electric

The current advancement in technology has brought about numerous changes in the world. Just as an individual will always pick the latest I-Phone over an older model, human beings are designed to adapt and make changes to their lifestyle and these choices are made to improve their standard of living and to make them better individuals in society.

Without being able to conform to newer technologies, one might be left behind in life and hence being flexible is highly necessary for the betterment of a person’s life. Currently on account of the ill-actions of humans, our planet is deteriorating. The ocean levels are rising, glaciers melting and forest life becoming extinct. It is high time that we take responsibility of our actions and make better choices in life, in order to help conserve our planet for the future generations to come.

It is evident that the use of fossil fuels is detrimental for the environment. It has caused immense amounts of pollution and is depleting the Earth’s ozone layer. Not only that, but researchers also suggest that if we continue using fossil fuels and gas, the Earth’s going to exhaust this natural resource by 2060.

Just as one would protect their houses from intruders, we must protect and conserve our planet. Numerous people around the world are taking steps in order to reduce their carbon footprints. If we are already shifting from fuel driven cars to electric, why not take a step further and replace our gas heaters to electric. The principal reasoning behind this is that it uses a renewable source of energy and conserves our limited natural resources, along with reducing the carbon emissions, hence protecting our planet.

Electric heaters are safer and more reliable than gas heaters. Electric heaters unlike gas do not emit noxious gases and hence are non-toxic. And with no combustion or burning it is the safest heating solution that one can provide their family with. In the long run, electric heaters are very cost-efficient and as these heaters have fewer parts as compared to the gas heaters, there is a lower chance of them breaking down.


We firmly believe in conserving the environment and are proud of the efficiency of our heaters. Fischer heaters are independently controlled with our wireless thermostat, allowing individual room temperature control. When the room temperature falls below a certain temperature, the heater will automatically turn on and keep the room at the desired temperature of the user. Fischer Future Heat has been manufacturing radiators for over 70 years and have been selling electric radiators in the UK for over 12 years. Fischer is a customer-centric company and prides itself on its impeccable customer service and has thousands of positive customer feedback and reviews to attest to that.


Fischer Future Heat would not only be a great addition in your homes for your family but would also make you a conscious environment-friendly individual who cares.