The Future is Electric. It is good for the Environment.

The Future is Electric

We believe the future is electric and we have been saying this from day one when we started this company. The pressure is on government bodies now more than ever to do something about Climate Change. The UK, like many countries, is assessing the ways it can make changes to reduce its carbon footprint. One key factor is the way we produce our energy.

The Future is Electric and not one with Fossil Fuels that pollutes our environment

Fossil Fuels Failing

Fossil fuels are no longer a viable way of producing energy as our planet’s resources deplete and our environment suffers the consequences.

Fossil fuels emit harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) for every unit of heat generated. Considering there are millions of gas boilers installed in the UK, you are looking at a lot of pollution being pumped into the environment every year. The government has already announced it will ban gas boilers in all new homes by 2025 and that is only the beginning.

Time to change

Whilst the higher powers debate on how to change the course of climate change, it is important that we all play our part in this challenge. The easiest way is to start from home, are you guilty of using a Gas boiler to heat your home, despite the harm it may be doing? It’s also not the most efficient form of heating so you may be paying more in the form of wasted energy/heat.

It’s time to consider a change, Fischer Future Heat are the experts in electric heating solutions and our teams have produced the perfect products for your home. Have a look below:

Fischer Radiator Warming the Conservatory making the future electric and cleaner for everyone

Fischer Dynamic Clay Core Radiators

Fischer Future Heat has been manufacturing radiators for over 70 years. Our expertise has kept us at the forefront of heating and these radiators demonstrate just that. They are the only electric radiators with a 40mm clay core and we offer a one-of-a-kind heating guarantee. If your Fischer Radiator is unable to heat your room to 21^C we guarantee to replace it, FREE OF CHARGE.


Would you keep your kettle hot throughout the night for your morning cup of tea? Of course not! So why would you do that with your hot water cylinder? Aquafficient is the innovative, modern and highly efficient solution to heating water. Using a single heating element and patented thermal storage technology, the Aquafficient provides instant hot water, without storing water.

Aquafficient from Fischer. Another Product added to the future is electric

Fischer Solar

Harness the power of the sun in your home. In our fight against climate change it is important we make use of our renewable energy sources. The cost of wind and solar generation is becoming more and more accessible. Switching to renewable electricity avoids massive waste due to inefficiency and avoids massive negative externalities we are already paying for. Our German-engineered Solar panels boast improved shading resistance, anti-reflective glass technology and advanced busbar design to reduce losses.

Pair this with Fischer’s battery storage so you can keep any excess energy generated rather than sending it back to the grid. By doing so, you can utilise as much as 80% of the generated energy, as energy is only sent back to the grid once the battery is full.

Solar Battery Storage. The Future is Clean Energy. The Future is Electric.

Fischer EB

Fischer EB is an electric combi-boiler that has been built with the future in mind. With no need for water tanks or cylinders and a system that is 100% energy efficient, you can heat your home without worrying about any harmful gases or pollutants. Installation is easy and simple, just a straight swap with your existing boiler with no extra pipework needed. You can enjoy the warmth even more with the added bonus of no maintenance or servicing.

Fischer EB Boiler Replacing Old Oudated Boilercomplete home heating solutions from Fischer

Complete home heating solution

Thanks to the technology available we can all take responsibility and minimise the damage we make to the environment. Make your home environment cleaner with the best home heating products on the market.


The future is electric. Fischer helps you get there.