The Road to a Zero Carbon Home with Fischer Future Heat

Our range of products is constantly growing. We started with our dynamic clay core electric heaters and we now offer more than 90 products across our 5 different ranges.

You can even become energy self-sufficient with our new range of Fischer Solar & Battery Storage.

The options are endless, starting with space heating and hot water heating.

By removing a gas or oil boiler, and replacing it with either a Fischer EB or Fischer dynamic clay core heaters and an Aquafficient, you can completely eliminate the burning of fossil fuels to power your home, especially if you are with an energy supplier who provides 100% renewable electricity.

Our Fischer EB gives you all of the benefits of a gas boiler, plus more, without the need for flues and chimneys. By powering it with renewable electricity, it also gives out zero-carbon emissions at the point of use.

If you choose to opt for a pairing of our Fischer dynamic clay core heaters and the Aquafficient by Fischer, you also significantly reduce your carbon emissions and benefit from the cutting-edge technology of the patented heat store found within the Aquafficient unit.

We even offer the option of portable air conditioning with our new, exciting Cool Comfort offering. Keep cool in the warmer months in any room within your home, all with one simple and portable air conditioning unit.

Now, with our exciting range of solar & battery storage options, you can also utilise your roof to power your home with the help of our trusty friend, the sun. Generate your own electricity and draw less energy from the grid. You can even store any surplus electricity in one of our smart heat batteries, allowing you to draw even less energy from the grid. This all comes with lifetime access to an online portal, allowing you to monitor accurately the performance of the panels and battery.

This may sound confusing, but don’t worry – our trained heating engineers and solar surveyors can assist you. Our free no obligation survey allows our engineers and surveyors to fully survey your home and advise you on the best options for working towards zero-carbon emissions.

We do the hard work, all you need to do is request a free catalogue.

A future without fossil fuels for a cleaner Britain – choose Fischer.