Electric Heating – Jargon Buster

Shopping for electric heating can be a difficult task. There are industry terms flying around which some people don’t know the definition of.

But we want to make it as easy as possible for you! Here are the terms we think you need to know the meaning of before purchasing a new electric heating system.


You may have seen this term everywhere, but what is it?

IP ratings are all to do with how well a product can withstand solids or liquids. IP stands for Ingress Protection. IPX4 is a rating which is generally applied to products designed for use in bathrooms and en-suites.

IPX4 means that “the device is protected against the intrusion of solids larger than 1mm and against water intrusion from all directions.”

Here at Fischer Future Heat, we offer a range of Premier Bathroom heaters, all of which have an IP rating of IP24, making them ideal for use in your home. One of our trained heating engineers will specify the right heater for your needs during our free, no obligation survey.


Another abbreviation you may have seen everywhere is “kW” which stands for kilowatt. Kilowatts are units of power and in the electrical heating world, describe the input/output/power rating of the heater.

The larger the number of kW, the more powerful the heater. There is no such thing as a heater which is too powerful, however an undersized heater can affect both your comfort and electricity bills.

To make sure you have only the right sized heaters in your home, our heating engineer will carry out precise calculations during the survey.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Many heating companies offer a “warranty,” but here at Fischer, we offer a manufacturer’s warranty. The difference? A manufacturer’s warranty goes all the way back to the manufacturer, rather than just the distributor. A warranty is usually only held by the distributor you bought the product from.

This means that should anything happen to the distributor, you still hold a warranty with the factory.

Dynamic Smart Storage

Dynamic Smart Storage works on the principle of drawing an initial charge to get your room to temperature, then only drawing power as and when the room temperature drops below your desired setting. By doing so, some dynamic storage heaters only draw 15 minutes of power during one full hour of heating.

Dynamic electric smart storage heaters also require no maintenance or servicing, unlike gas or oil boilers.

Fischer radiators are one of the market leading dynamic heaters and we are so confident in them, we even offer a complete heating guarantee*.


Most homeowners will know what a thermostat is by now, but if you don’t, it’s the main control of your heating. Thermostats are available both integrated (built-in) and wireless (the more preferable option).

With an integrated thermostat, the temperature is read by a temperature sensor on the heater itself – usually the hottest part of the room. Wireless thermostats allow you to take a temperature reading from the coldest part of the room, ensure effective, even distribution of heat, resulting in increased comfort levels.

The new and improved Fischer wireless thermostat is unique to our heaters and allows you to customise your heating program for every half hour of each day. You can even set two different temperatures for it to alternate between.

Lot20 Compliant

Lot20 is a legislation relating to energy-using and energy related products. Electric heating with digital, programmable thermostats are all Lot20 compliant, giving you complete peace of mind that the product you purchase is not an energy guzzling monster!

Thankfully, all Fischer radiators are Lot20 compliant meaning you can buy with confidence from Fischer Future Heat.*

For a cleaner future, choose Fischer today.

*See Terms and Conditions

*We do not make any definitive claims on energy efficiency or running costs, other than the content of our independent tests by BSRIA, BRE and EST.