Introducing NEW Fischer EB electric boilers

Along with many other activities, carbon dioxide is released when we burn fossil fuels to power our homes and industry. Coal, oil, gas and other types of fossil fuels are all culprits.

There are over 26 million gas boilers installed in homes and offices around the world, but many people don’t realise that despite being extremely popular, they are not necessarily good for our environment.

Carbon dioxide in our atmosphere holds heat. This prevents the heat from exiting our atmosphere, causing the global temperature to rise. Methane given out by landfill sites absorbs and traps 20% more heat than carbon dioxide, causing even further problems.

With government officials and independent bodies worldwide pushing for lower net carbon emissions and cuts on pollution and harmful processes, gas boilers are becoming a thing of the past.

The UK government have banned the installation of gas boilers in all new properties from 2025, forcing homeowners to seek better, more climate conscious alternatives to heat their homes.

Fischer EB Boiler Replacing Gas Boilers

Introducing NEW Fischer EB electric boilers

FIscher EB Boiler

We are proud to introduce the new Fischer EB electric boiler in collaboration with experienced boiler manufacturer, Ete.

Thanks to over 40 years of robust engineering and delivering high demand electric boilers to commercial projects, they have adapted their technology for the UK domestic market.

Ete were founded in 1977 and started by building high level industrial boilers for commercial applications such as spa’s and manufacturing plants. Throughout the years, their experience in meeting the complex needs of many large scale commercial outlets has helped them to become a market leader in the heating sector.

The ete technology has been adapted for your home and for this reason, we are able to offer a 10 year warranty on all Fischer EB electric boilers.

You can even keep your existing radiators and pipework and simply replace your gas or oil boiler with Fischer EB.

A future without gas boilers for a cleaner Britain. Choose Fischer.