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Throughout our homes, we have a number of different appliances we rely on to get by. Washing machines, air conditioning, dishwashers, televisions, wine coolers… But these are just the luxuries. Living in the UK, everyone needs a way to stay warm and to heat their water.

Here at Fischer Future Heat, we want to make life as easy as possible for you, which is why we offer an ever growing range of products. No need to contact several different companies for your heating and hot water, we have what you need.

We offer the complete home solution.

Our dynamic smart clay core radiators are designed to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as efficient and controllable for complete comfort and peace of mind. They have even had their efficiency tested and verified by EST, BRE and BSRIA.

In fact, EST said, “In an Energy Saving Trust field trial of five properties, where traditional electric storage heaters were replaced with Fischer Future Heat Dynamic Electric Storage Heaters, householders reported feeling more comfortable and at the same time maintained an indoor air temperature that was an average of 0.7°C lower suggesting that less energy may be required to maintain desired levels of comfort.”

Our dynamic radiators also contain a purpose built convection chamber and patented 40mm chamotte clay core. Our 40mm clay core is DOUBLE THE DEPTH of the core found within many of our competitors’ heaters, which is usually 20mm. More storage resulting in more heat and more comfort.

“You said you offer the complete home solution – so what about my hot water?” we hear you ask. Well, we have two options.


Aquafficient is a modern, efficient and reliable way to heat your water. Using a single 3kW heating element and patented thermal storage technology, the Aquafficient provides instant hot water, as and when you need it, without the need for huge amounts of water storage. No yearly maintenance is required, taking away the stress of finding a plumber to check over your system and also eliminating the cost of doing so.

There is also no requirement for any extra valves or fixings, or even a water discharge pipe, meaning the installation of the Aquafficient is stress free and mess free, even in smaller or more difficult to access areas of your home.

Manufactured specially for Fischer Future Heat, the Aquafficient uses a natural salt-based thermal storage material to store its heat. Working in a similar way to a combi boiler, minus the expensive maintenance and running costs, there is absolutely ZERO water storage within the unit itself. The chance of a leak is almost non-existent.

You simply heat the battery once to get started and hot water is available in less than an hour. The thermal storage material stores heat, not energy, and as cold water runs through the highly efficient and robust heat exchanger, it becomes hot within seconds and subsequent warm water is fed to your appliances in less than a minute.

Our Aquafficient can store four times more energy than a domestic water cylinder in a unit half the physical size.

Not only does the Aquafficient give you a much more efficient solution when it comes to heating the water, it also saves huge amounts of physical space.

An Aquafficient unit, which provides 150L of hot water, is only HALF the height of an average 150L cylinder. If you have ever wanted to utilise that wasted space in your airing cupboard, now is your opportunity with this ideal replacement for other hot water systems.

Compatible with Economy 7, Solar PV and other types of renewable electricity sources, the Aquafficient is the way forward when it comes to saving the environment and improving your carbon footprint.

Based on recent testing, the thermal storage material within the Aquafficient has a life span of over 40,000 cycles before you start to notice any drop in efficiency. In layman’s terms, it can last for over 50 years without you EVER having to service, maintain or replace the thermal store or its contents. Even after the 50 years are up, all it takes is a glass of water to be added to the storage material to recharge it back to full health.

Fischer EB

We are proud to introduce the new Fischer EB electric boiler in collaboration with experienced boiler manufacturer, ete.

Electric Central Heating with Fischer EB

Thanks to over 40 years of robust engineering and delivering high demand electric boilers to commercial projects, they have adapted their technology for the UK domestic market.

Ete were founded in 1977 and started by building high level industrial boilers for commercial applications such as spa’s and manufacturing plants. Throughout the years, their experience in meeting the complex needs of many large scale commercial outlets has helped them to become a market leader in the heating sector.

The ete technology has been adapted for your home and for this reason, we are able to offer a 10 year warranty on all Fischer EB electric boilers.

You can even keep your existing radiators and pipework and simply replace your gas or oil boiler with Fischer EB.

You can find out more about Fischer EB here.

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