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Fischer Bathroom Heaters

Bathrooms are notoriously difficult to heat, despite being one of the rooms in which we require the most heat.

Cold, tiled walls and floors contribute massively to the overall temperature of the room, often causing the room to stay cold no matter how much you try and heat it.

Extractor fans can also have a huge impact on the temperature of your bathroom by assisting the warm air to escape in to the environment.

This begs the question – why are people putting up with it?

Many people install a heated towel rail in their bathroom to warm and dry their towels, but also expect the towel rail to heat the room. It’s even in the name that it’s a towel rail, not a space heater.

Why do we then rely on them to heat the whole room?


Electric Heaters for Bathrooms by Fischer Future Heat


Introducing, our range of Fischer electric bathroom heaters. Manufactured with the same patented technology as the rest of our product range, they can transform your bathroom in to a warm, comfortable space.

But don’t worry, you can still warm and dry your towels as our bathroom heaters come as standard with either one or two towel rails.* This means you can replace your ineffective heated towel rail with one of our space heaters, which will effectively and efficiently heat your bathroom.

All Fischer electric bathroom heaters are built to include total protection from water spillages, making them safe to use in areas which may contain moisture. They can also assist with protecting your bathroom from condensation, dampness and mould.

All of our bathroom heaters also come with our exclusive wireless thermostat, allowing you to independently control the temperature of your bathroom without having to heat the rest of your home. Our thermostat also gives you the option of setting the exact times you require the room to be warm. Then, simply sit back and relax while our thermostat does the work for you.

Not forgetting, our patented technology has been tested by the Energy Saving Trust and BSRIA, both of whom published a full report of their findings, conclusions and verifiable claims.

A future without gas boilers for a cleaner Britain. Choose Fischer.

*Number of towel rails depends on the physical size of the heater