Introducing Fischer Energy

Fischer Energy

Have you heard of our sister company Fischer Energy PLC?

We’ll forgive you if you haven’t but allow us to bring you up to speed. Here’s everything you need to know about our super-sibling who is on a mission shake up the energy supply market by treating all customers honestly and fairly.

Keith and Maria Bastian, the owners of Fischer Future Heat decided to set up Fischer Energy because they were both fed-up with the apparent unfairness in the energy market. It is a bizarre fact that two people living in the same street can pay completely different prices for their gas and electricity. Imagine if the milkman charged you 20p more for a pint of milk than the family next door? You wouldn’t be happy and probably wouldn’t accept it. So why should you with your gas and electricity?

One Fair Tariff

This is when Keith and Maria had the idea for the One Fair Tariff. All people living in the same location pay the same prices for their energy. Simple, honest and fair! With Fischer Energy you won’t be tied into a contract, you won’t be charged fees if you decide to leave, you also won’t have to spend ages on the phone waiting to speak to someone. Fischer Energy has been created to do everything it can to make sure their customers energy is supplied in the most-simple and satisfying way possible.

Fischer Energy (One Fair Tariff)

Let’s end estimated bills!

One of the biggest frustrations customers face is estimated gas and electricity bills. Why should you pay your supplier for energy you haven’t yet used? The best way to avoid this is to provide regular meter readings. It only takes a minute and it means you will only be paying for what you have consumed.

Fischer Energy (Fair. Honest.Simple)

Reward Scheme

If you would like to switch to Fischer Energy you can speak to one of our team at Fischer Future Heat who can advise you on the next steps, or call Fischer Energy directly on 0800 103 2769. It is a very simple process and all the work is done behind the scenes, so there is absolutely nothing to worry about. Once you have switched, why not tell a friend or family member? Fischer Energy will credit your Fischer Energy account £20 for helping us find a new customer. Everyone’s a winner!

So there you have it, an introduction to Fischer Energy. A supplier that genuinely cares about their customers. One Fair Tariff, the best of British customer service and fantastic rewards. Switch today, you won’t regret it!


Looking for more info about Fischer Future Heat? 

Looking for more information about Fischer Energy? 

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