Fischer Bedroom Heaters for Total Comfort

Fischer Heaters can be installed in all rooms around the home. They’re the ideal heating solution for reducing energy wastage. They allow independent temperatures to be set in all rooms. This makes them perfect for bedrooms – a space where you will want a completely different temperature from other rooms around the house. Find out more about Fischer bedroom heaters now…

Why install Fischer bedroom heaters?

Fischer bedroom heaters allow you to set a completely different temperature to the rest of the house. In a room where you may want more warmth, or less heat (depending on your preference), you really need total control. This is something that is unobtainable with gas central heating as they use the same set temperature for the whole house.

So you might want a comfort setting of 21 degrees Celsius in your lounge for comfort whilst you relax and entertain, but want a cool 17 degrees Celsius in the bedroom to help you sleep under the covers at night. You can do this with Fischer Future Heat bedroom heaters!

Fischer modern storage heaters – combined with our intelligent independent wireless thermostat – enable you to set a different temperature in the bedroom, whilst the rest of the house remains unaffected. 

Simply set your comfort temperature to whatever you feel your bedroom should be set at and remain comfortable in your sleeping room.

What’s more, the slimline design and stylish creamy white colour (RAL1013) of our heaters ensure they fit in with your current decor and take up minimal space unlike other bulky heating solutions on the market.

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Checkout what one of our existing customer thinks about her Fischer bedroom heaters…

“We have had a Fischer radiator installed in our cold bedroom and it is most satisfactory. The engineers installed it as requested and explained the working. When we went on holiday it was simple to put it on standby until our return when it reverted to the programme without intervention. It is a real success and I would recommend the system. It maintains the required temperature and if any adjustment is required it is simple to operate, even for a technophob like me.”

Rita Cox,  East Sussex

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