Solar Trade Association (STA) Highlight the Benefits Solar Can Have for Britain’s Future

Fischer Future Heat Compatible with Solar Pv

The Future is electric. We know it, our energy company Fischer Energy know it. We’re guessing that you know it too. A big name in the game that also agrees with all of us, is Solar Trade Association (STA). This month, the STA has published their ‘Great British Solar Manifesto’. Find out what has been said in the STA ‘Great British Solar Manifesto’ and discover why now is the time to start installing renewable energy systems, and compatible appliances into your home!

Renewable Energy is the key to a clean, affordable future.

The Solar Trade Association’s (STA) ‘Great British Manifesto’ highlights the many wider benefits that can be gained from solar energy throughout the next parliament. They state that the continued contributions to growing renewable energy market will lower carbon emissions, create tens of thousands of jobs and help towards lower bills for everyone. In an age where the London Mayor Sadiq Khan has suggested that it is better the jog inside in the British capital, it is ever more important that we, the British public, do everything we can to clean up the air! If we can save money along the way, then that would be just great!

Fischer Future Heat install into many homes that already have solar panels installed.

Many of our customers that already had solar installed went that extra mile and installed our efficient electric storage heaters to run alongside them. By choosing to install Fischer Future Heat’s 100% efficient heating solution, they guaranteed that their home would be warm, comfortable, efficient and economic to run. What’s more they are helping towards lowering carbon emissions and have future proofed their property. The Building Services Research and Information Association (BSRIA) tested our electric heaters and proved that they consume as little as little 870w an hour*. This makes our heaters perfect for solar panels, as solar panels typically produce around 2500w/h that is usable.

Solar Panel (Domestic)

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If you have solar panels installed, and are still heating your home with gas, ask yourself why?

You may not have realised, but continuing to heat your home using gas, despite having your own solar electricity supply is both inefficient and bad for the environment.

Switching to an electric system that is compatible with your solar panels can make a huge difference to your comfort, efficiency and the amount you pay to heat your home. It will reduce the need for fossil fuels from the point of usage, and lower the amount of carbon emissions that are produced from your home. Not to mention, you’ll no longer need to service the boiler and eliminate the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from your heating system!

Now is the time to join many of our customers that have Solar PV. Install Fischer Future Heat and Make a real difference

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*Based on a 48 square meter room that is heated to 21 degrees with an external temperature of 10 degrees.

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