Fischer Electric Radiators in Former Government Officers Home

Fischer Electric Radiators (Mr Eastwood)

We have installed Fischer electric radiators into thousands of homes throughout the UK. We take pleasure in improving the efficiency and comfort of our customers homes, and are proud that we are also able to improve their quality of life as well. Mr Eastwood is a customer has seen huge improvements to the comfort of his home since installing Fischer Future Heat. Find out how he is getting on and discover why Fischer Future Heat is the right solution for heating your home!

Fischer Electric Radiators for Northern Homes

Back in September 2015, Mr Eastwood received our free catalogue. Soon after he requested a free survey with our trained engineer. Northern heating engineer, Gary Lomax visited Mr Eastwood’s Lancashire terrace house where he was able to professionally measured and calculated the exact heating requirements for the property. After learning that Mr Eastwood was using wasteful and uncontrollable night storage heaters (economy 7 heaters), Gary was able to explain why Fischer electric radiators would truly benefit and improve Mr Eastwood’s comfort and control.

Night storage heaters have limited control and restrict the homeowner to a set amount of heat over a 24 hour period (due to economy 7)

As Mr Eastwood had limited control with his old night storage heaters, he found that his home was colder in the evenings – when heat is truly required. After learning that Fischer Future Heat can run on a flat rate energy tariff and allow the homeowner to change the room temperature to what they truly require using a wireless temperature controlled thermostat, Mr Eastwood was able to see the overall benefits and purchased our heaters right away!

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Mr Eastwood’s night storage heaters were replaced with five modern electric heaters from Fischer. He says that:

Need help? Call us now on freephone 0800 103 2723.


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