Mrs Brown’s Fischer Heater Experience

Fischer Future Heat Customer Testimonial

Fischer Future Heat work hard to maintain a strong relationship with our customers, whether they’ve been a customer for 5 minutes or 5 years. Our trained heating engineer, Greg Greenhalgh visited Mrs Brown in Northumberland. He even took his shoes off during the visit. Find out more about Mrs Brown’s experience with Fischer Future Heat.

Mrs Brown lives in a semi-detached home in Prudoe, Northumberland. She originally installed Fischer Future Heat back in 2011. Before installing Fischer Future Heat, Mrs Brown had seven outdated night storage heaters installed in her property. One in the lounge; one in the diner; one in the hallway; one in the kitchen; one in the bathroom and two in the bedrooms.

Mrs Brown made the decision to change five of her night storage heaters (lounge, diner, hall, kitchen and bathroom) to Fischer. She decided to keep night storage heaters in her bedrooms.

Heating engineer, Greg, found the perfect solution for her requirements, taking into account various factors, including heat loss, insulation, window type and current energy tariff. After a free heating survey, Mrs Brown purchased a brand new heating system that ran perfectly on the same energy tariff (economy 7) and alongside two of her original night storage heaters.

From 2011 through to 2016, Mrs Brown had improved comfort around the home. She also seen energy savings.

“Having bought Fischer heaters 5 years ago, I decided to invest in another 2 heaters as I was so pleased with the saving in running costs. I was also glad I did not have to bend down all the time to adjust the heaters. Fischer heaters are so easy to control and use, I would recommend them to anyone”

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After 5 years of comfort, control and affordability, Mrs Brown returned to Fischer Future Heat and replaced the night storage heaters in her bedrooms with two new Fischer heaters. On the second survey, heating engineer Greg Greenhalgh was able to find the perfect sized heaters in terms physical dimensions and KW input / output.

Now that she has a home fully equipped with Fischer heaters, Mrs Brown has converted from an economy 7 tariff to a flat rate. This has further improved her Fischer heating experience helping to lower bills and give her complete control over the heating. Before, when using economy 7, Mrs Brown was restricted by the off / on peak economy 7, having to consider the higher energy rates during the day. Now she has a standardised energy tariff that remains at a set price, she can heat her home in a more efficient way.

Fischer Future Heat aims to improve homeowners comfort, control and affordability. We are over the moon that Mrs Brown has seen huge improvements to her comfort and are available to help her at any time.

We truly care for our customers and want to see their home heating running efficiently. If, you have old night storage heaters installed and would like a more efficient heating system, consider Fischer Future Heat. Request a free catalogue or book a free no obligations survey today using code: BLOG044.


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