How our Fischer system works

Our Fischer heating systems are manufactured in a way to allow constant warm air flow around your home. Older, conventional heaters are large, bulky, unattractive and waste energy by pushing the warm air up to the ceiling. The Fischer system has surface fluting which radiates from a larger surface area. The fluting draws in cold air from the floor, heats it, then distributes it throughout the room.

Night storage heaters are usually installed on inner walls as they radiate heat back into the wall. Hence putting the heater on a external wall is not advisable.

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A diagram demonstrating lack of technological advancement of conventional heating systems.
A diagram demonstrating the technologically advanced operation of Fischer heaters.

What is Fluting

Fluting ensures that the radiated heat in the room is tripled. It draws cold air up from the floor, through the hollow flutes and replaces it with warm air, thus warming the air throughout the room. Therefore, no cold feet!

There are no thermostats or sensors on the radiators. The temperature of the room is measured away from the radiator, providing comfort in every space.

Hot and cold air flows in the technologically advanced fluting.
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Available on all heating systems†

Patented 40mm Clay Core

Exclusive to Fischer storage heaters

Customer Reviews

Fischer are rated 9.3 out of 10

8 Reasons

Fischer Future Heat Heaters

As standard all Fischer heaters come with:

High Quality German Engineering

All Fischer Heaters are manufactured by our Master Craftsmen in Germany.

Controllable Heating System

Set each room to the temperature you want with our individual wireless thermostats.

Slimline, Low Input Smart Heaters

Run on as little as 1.9kW PER HOUR.

Exclusive 40mm Clay Core

Patented and designed with comfort and efficiency in mind.

Complete Heating Guarantee

If our heater does not heat your room to 21°C we’ll replace it free of charge. This Guarantee is valid for 12 months from date of order.

10yr Guarantee Manufacture Direct

Enjoy peace of mind with our 10 year manufacturers Guarantee.

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An incorrect sized storage heater will cost you more as it would need to stay on longer to reach the desired temperature in your room, this could cost you £’s on your electricity bills! Our survey is designed to save you money by only installing the radiators which are best suited to your home.

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