Compare Electric Heaters with Night Storage / Economy 7

Fischer heaters heat with an economy temperature during the night, and subsequently trickle charge to the storage element. This ensures the heaters maintain a comfortable temperature during the day or evenings when you need it.

Fischer heaters maintain a comfortable temperature for 24 hours, unlike night storage heaters that cool and go cold during the evening. Every kW of heat is delivered into the room more efficiently with our system. We use trickle charge more frequently to top up the storage, we do not need a high kW load like night storage, therefore we can use a normal 13amp socket.

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Electric Storage Heater compatible with Economy 7 mounted at the top of the stairs.
Economy 7 compatible storage heater mounted to wall in open plan living.

Independent Test Results


Based on a test conducted by BSRIA (test report 57240/1) in Bracknell, UK Fischer heaters proved to maintain an accurate temperature over a 24 hour period, whereas night storage heaters went cold, failing to maintain the required test temperature. The conducted test occurred in an average sized room of 4m x 3m (12sqm) with a ceiling height of 2.4 m. The outside temperature was -1c at its coldest. The task was to control an inside ambient temperature of 21c over a 16 hour heating cycle from 6am to 10pm.

Results showed that:

The Fischer 2.2kW storage heater used only 12.05 kWH.

Edward Alcock, OBE upgraded from night storage to Fischer and says:
“It pleases me to inform you that my total electricity costs at the end of October 2014 (one year after the installation) showed a net saving of £130 compared with the same period from the previous year when I still had my original storage heaters.”

Findings prove that Fischer heaters were able to maintain an accurate temperature over a 24 hour period whereas night storage heaters could not and went cold in the evening

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“The heaters keep our room temperatures set at our desired level. They are really pleasing to the eye too. So much better than our previous storage heaters that were all heat or nothing! We would highly recommend.”
Helen, Leicester

Running Fischer on Economy 7

Economy 7 Running Cost

Fischer Heaters only consume energy when required thereby eliminating over heating of a room. This will result in better comfort and the potential of making energy savings on electricity usage. Whilst a night storage heater retains heat during the night, distributes during the day and has a boost during the evening, Fischer heaters are able to evenly use energy throughout the day, meaning that energy consumption remains economic, regardless of the higher energy rates supplied during the day.

The calculations showing the usage of our heaters are as follows:
We use a comfort temperature of 21°C which is what is generally required on a cold day for optimum well-being.

  • A Fischer heater, based on an independent test carried out by BSRIA, uses 0.87kWH to heat a room to 21°C , if you heated for 12 hours at 0.87 = 10.44kWh.
  • Further savings can be made when converting to a flat rate meter.

This example has also been presented below:

Results showed that:

Fischer Heater

Economy 7:  2 hours at 7p x 0.87kWh = 0.12p
Standard:  10 hours at 14p x 0.87kWh = £1.22
Total cost for 12 hours heating at 21˚C = £1.34

Fischer Heater using a Flat Rate Tariff

12 hours at 11p x 0.87kWh = £1.15

Whilst E7 is still economical with Fischer, 15% (approx. 19p) further savings can be made when switching to a flat rate. Furthermore, this will have a positive impact on your overall energy consumption, as your energy rate will be consistent over 24 hours, meaning consumption on other electrical appliances will remain low.

Electric Bathroom storage heater with towel rail.

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