Wireless thermostat (in hand)

Why is Heating Control so Important?

An efficient heating system that delivers the increased comfort you desire, matched with the convenience of low running costs is important. But all of this can only be achieved if your heating system is fully controllable, room-by-room. It is because of the lack of room-by-room control why so many homes across the UK remain inefficient, resulting in high bills and discomfort around the house.. Unless homeowners are willing to improve their heating controls, their efficiency levels will remain capped. Find out why control is so important to the efficiency and comfort of your home. Continue reading “Why is Heating Control so Important?”

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Kate Albion Over the Moon with Fischer Future Heat

Fischer Future Heat take great pride in collecting customer reviews. This is why we have a five star rating on independent review website, Trustpilot. One of our reviewers, Kate Albion, wrote a fantastic review about our product, installation and company. She say’s that she is over the moon with her new Fischer heating. Find out what else shes has to say about our heating… Continue reading “Kate Albion Over the Moon with Fischer Future Heat”

Dynamic Storage Heaters

Mrs Colton Happy with Fischer Dynamic Storage Heaters

Fischer Future Heat always strive to ensure our customers are receiving the best service we can provide. As such, we contact all our customers post sale and installation to ensure everything is going okay. On occasions, after our follow up calls, we are lucky enough to receive positive feedback on either Trustpilot or Feefo. If we’re really lucky, we’ll also receive an image of the customers Fischer dynamic storage heaters after they have been installed. This is exactly what we got from happy customer, Mrs Colton who was nice enough to send us an image and also write a fantastic review! Find out more about Mrs Colton’s experience with Fischer Future Heat. Continue reading “Mrs Colton Happy with Fischer Dynamic Storage Heaters”

Fischer Future Heat Compatible with Solar Pv

Solar Trade Association (STA) Highlight the Benefits Solar Can Have for Britain’s Future

The Future is electric. We know it, our energy company Fischer Energy know it. We’re guessing that you know it too. A big name in the game that also agrees with all of us, is Solar Trade Association (STA). This month, the STA has published their ‘Great British Solar Manifesto’. Find out what has been said in the STA ‘Great British Solar Manifesto’ and discover why now is the time to start installing renewable energy systems, and compatible appliances into your home!

Continue reading “Solar Trade Association (STA) Highlight the Benefits Solar Can Have for Britain’s Future”

Fischer Aqua Thermal Store Water Heater

Thermal Store Water Heater Benefits

The Fischer Aqua thermal store water heater comes with numerous benefits that will improve your water heating as well as the efficiency of your property. Unlike traditional water heating systems that come with a header tank (typically located in the loft), the thermal store water heater can provide mains pressure hot water. This improves water distribution, ensuring water is available at the same flow rate throughout the whole building.  Continue reading “Thermal Store Water Heater Benefits”