Fischer Future Heat Compatible with Solar Pv

Solar Trade Association (STA) Highlight the Benefits Solar Can Have for Britain’s Future

The Future is electric. We know it, our energy company Fischer Energy know it. We’re guessing that you know it too. A big name in the game that also agrees with all of us, is Solar Trade Association (STA). This month, the STA has published their ‘Great British Solar Manifesto’. Find out what has been said in the STA ‘Great British Solar Manifesto’ and discover why now is the time to start installing renewable energy systems, and compatible appliances into your home!

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Fischer Aqua Thermal Store Water Heater

Thermal Store Water Heater Benefits

The Fischer Aqua thermal store water heater comes with numerous benefits that will improve your water heating as well as the efficiency of your property. Unlike traditional water heating systems that come with a header tank (typically located in the loft), the thermal store water heater can provide mains pressure hot water. This improves water distribution, ensuring water is available at the same flow rate throughout the whole building.  Continue reading “Thermal Store Water Heater Benefits”

Best Electric Heating Solution for Flats

Best Electric Heating Solutions for Flats

Are you looking for electric heating solutions for flats? Whether you live in a flat, or are a landlord that lets a flat, our electric heating solutions are perfect for your needs. All Fischer heaters are low input and are far more efficient than old night storage heaters that are typically installed in flats. Find out why Fischer Future Heat have the perfect Electric Heating Solutions for Flats in the UK Continue reading “Best Electric Heating Solutions for Flats”

Home Improvement (Conservatory)

Move or Improve? Home Improvement Projects Across Great Britain

Now that we are well and truly into spring time and the weather is starting to improve, many homeowners across Great Britain may be thinking of moving or improving their home. If you’re one of the many that have decided to improve your home, you may be starting to think about the best time to begin your project. With dry, sunny days and lighter evenings, you have longer to complete projects and add changes to your home that will make it more efficient, cosier to live in and make the property more valuable in the long term. Find out what areas of the home you could consider improving, and what Fischer Future Heat can offer towards the improvements. Continue reading “Move or Improve? Home Improvement Projects Across Great Britain”

Win Hyundai IONIQ

Join Fischer Energy for a Chance to Win Hyundai IONIQ

Fischer Future Heat’s sister company, Fischer Energy has partnered with Hyundai to offer you the chance to Win an electric car worth over £24k. The Hyundai Ioniq is safe and environmentally friendly car that comes with plenty of bells and whistles. This car gives an advanced driving experience for the future. Read more to find out how to Win Hyundai IONIQ-EV Continue reading “Join Fischer Energy for a Chance to Win Hyundai IONIQ”

How to use the WiFi thermostat

How to Set the Fischer WiFi Thermostat

Have you recently purchased a Fischer heater with the added benefit of WiFi control, but are having difficulty setting it up ready for usage. Here is a step-by-step guide to show you how to set it up. It’s easy to do, trust us! But if you do have any difficulty, feel free to call our customer care team on 0116 242 5533 for further advice.

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Fischer Heaters can run on Economy 7

What is Economy 7 Tariff and How Does it Work?

Throughout the Fischer Future Heat website and across our advertising artwork, you may have come across the term: economy 7. For some this may be a term you’re already familiar with. For others this is probably an unknown term that you’ve never come across. To help explain what economy 7 is and how it works, we have written this short news article. Alongside this, we will note any advantages and disadvantages that come with this tariff. Continue reading “What is Economy 7 Tariff and How Does it Work?”