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Now Introducing Fischer Energy

Have you heard of our brand new sister company Fischer Energy PLC? We’ll forgive you if you haven’t as they are at the very beginning of their exciting adventure supplying UK homes with gas and electricity. Here’s everything you need to know about our super-sibling who is aiming to shake up the energy supply market by treating all customers honestly and fairly. Continue reading “Now Introducing Fischer Energy”

Death of Economy Seven Heater [1]

Death of the Economy Seven Heater

As times move forward, so does technology. Whilst the economy seven heater was once the must have new appliance back in the 1970s, they are now dying out as customers across the UK and Europe begin to recognise that a new generation of electric heating has emerged. Find out why Fischer modern storage heaters are becoming the must have heating appliance and why they are a better heating solution than the old outdated economy seven heater systems that were once a high demand product.  Continue reading “Death of the Economy Seven Heater”

8 Reasons to Choose Fischer Low Input Storage Heaters (BLOG069)

8 Reasons to Choose Fischer Low Input Storage Heaters

So many homeowners around the UK heat each room around the house inefficiently using old outdated systems. As a nation, we commonly use one of two heating systems – gas central heating and night storage heaters. Now, in the 21st century, the emphasis is on energy efficiency and the continuous development of low input electric appliances. Fischer Future Heat offer low input storage heaters that can make a significant difference to the comfort of your home. Further more they are a 0% carbon system (from point of usage) that offers sustainability. Find out why you should choose low input storage heaters now… Continue reading “8 Reasons to Choose Fischer Low Input Storage Heaters”


Independent Zone Control For Complete Comfort

All Fischer storage heaters work independently, allowing each room to get the exact temperature that is required. This is a major factor when it comes to increased comfort and efficiency. Being able to heat a specific room is referred to as zone control. Find out why Fischer heaters zone control is far more efficient than other forms of heating here… Continue reading “Independent Zone Control For Complete Comfort”

Premium storage heaters

Fischer Future Heat Premium Storage Heaters

Premium storage heaters by Fischer Future Heat are the perfect electric heating solution for UK homes. With trained heating engineers based in the north, south, east and west (including Scotland and Wales), we are able to deliver our modern storage heating solution to you, all installed by our Gas Safe Register and NICEIC member installers.

Continue reading “Fischer Future Heat Premium Storage Heaters”

How Fischer Future Heat Compares to Sunflow Heaters

When Does the Winter Officially Start?

Like the changing of the clocks, or the beginner of summer, the start of winter is something that many of us forget the official date of, or simply do not know. We go through the year, typically describing winter from the beginning of October, when the weather gets progressively colder. But when does the winter officially start? Continue reading “When Does the Winter Officially Start?”