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Gas or oil central heating systems with boilers and pipes are not exactly efficient with the average boiler about 85% efficient. The heated water is then pumped around a house, often through uninsulated pipes so even more heat is lost by time the water reaches the radiators. This reduces the efficiency of the system even further. What is the efficiency when the water reaches the last radiator?

Comparison with Gas and Oil

Gas or oil central heating systems

Gas fires are the most inefficient way of heating. To get 1kW of heat from a typical fire you need to burn 2.5 to 3kW of gas. With a typical gas price of 3p this equates to 9p per kWH with huge waste through chimneys or flue.

The unsightly surface mounted pipes can improve the efficiency of your central heating as it looses heat within the room but with fischer heaters there are no unsightly pipes or expensive boiler maintainence.

We do not have a single thermostat in the ground floor of your home (generally situated half way up the wall) measuring the temperature for the whole house. Instead, we provide a thermostat on the wall in each room giving you total control of the heat output for each room, thereby enabling you to heat the rooms you want when you want and saving money by eliminating wastage.

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Rising fuel prices

Rising fuel prices make it difficult to continue using systems where the boiler pumps hot water through the entire house just to feed 1 or 2 radiators.

Customers using calor gas bottles or oil for their central heating often cannot afford to keep the boiler going for long periods because it is more expensive than mains gas.

Fischer heaters offer all the benefits of storage with 100% heat transfer into the room without annual servicing. It's safe, clean and provides an all-round comfort heat from floor to ceiling. In the whole life span of our system, Fischer German heaters would cost less than a gas system in relation to installation and maintainence costs.

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Switching to a Fischer heating system

Switching to a Fischer heating system is easy with very little disruption and re-decorating required. Contact us for a free, no obligation, heating engineer survey. Our in-house teams provide a complete service including the removal of old radiators and installation of the new system all done within a day.

You get the efficiency of electric heating without having to overhaul the whole house - just change one room at a time. Perfect for a conservatory, loft room, garage or even an office.

Fischer electric storage radiators use a 13amp socket but this is no ordinary plug-in radiator, it's a low input storage using half the kW of your old night heater. Fischer heaters come with a 10 year guarantee and 2 years for the wireless thermostats.

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Fischer the name you can trust for storage heaters

Fischer heaters are handcrafted by our own manufacturing department. We design and produce our heaters from scratch. No third party suppliers.

The 40mm clay core is patented to Fischer. You will not find this design feature on any other German storage heater.

We offer a manufacturer warranty. Given that we do not deal with third party suppliers, the insurance of your heaters is not in the hands of any other suppliers.

The independent test by Brsia UK found our heaters to be economical, efficient and clean of carbon emisions. Go Green!

What our Clients have said fischer testimonials

Dan McGrath - Inverness

"Just dropping you a line - now that winter is just about gone - to say how delighted I am with the new heating system you and your team installed into my home.

They are more efficient and better looking than the old night storage heaters I had in place - they are more cost effective than I had expected.

Thanks again for all the after care calls to insure everything was working. I would recommend this system to anyone who wants to cut their fuel bills."