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Gas or oil central heating systems with boilers and pipes are not exactly efficient with the average boiler about 85% efficient. The heated water is then pumped around a house, often through uninsulated pipes so even more heat is lost by time the water reaches the radiators. This reduces the efficiency of the system even further. What is the efficiency when the water reaches the last radiator?

Comparison with Gas and Oil

Fischer compared to Gas and oil heating

Fischer heaters will save you £££ when it comes to maintenance and energy wastage. Whilst gas fires and central heating systems have the cheapest running costs where kwH is concerned, they create far more energy wastage. Fischer's wireless thermostat reduces the amount of energy that is wasted.

Gas prices typically cost 3p per kw. They appear to hold a low output cost until you consider that  2.5 – 3 kw of gas is needed to produce 1kw of heat. So the price to produce 1kw of heat is in fact 9p. Though this is still cheaper than most flat rate and on peak electric prices, electric heaters are 100% efficient, therefore reduce wastage. Gas heating and fires, on the other hand, have a reduced usage percentage.Gas heaters and fires lose heat as they produce it. Gas central heating will lose a percentage of its heat because of the modular system that is used, whilst fires lose heat through the chimney.

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Rising fuel prices

Fischer modern German storage heaters transfer 100% heat into a room. They require no servicing and are a clean, safe heating solution that provides year round comfort – from the floor to the ceiling. They are the perfect replacement for expensive oil based heating systems.

Fischer’s heaters work independently, and to your specification. Unlike heating systems that use gas, boilers and modular piping systems, Fischer heaters do not need to pump water around your home to heat one room.This means that no heat is wasted, meaning no money is wasted.

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Switching to a Fischer heating system

Switching to a Fischer heating system is easy with very little disruption and re-decorating required. Contact us for a free, no obligation, heating engineer survey. Our in-house teams provide a complete service including the removal of old radiators and installation of the new system all done within a day.

You get the efficiency of electric heating without having to overhaul the whole house - just change one room at a time. Perfect for a conservatory, loft room, garage or even an office.

Fischer electric storage radiators use a domestic electric socket but this is no ordinary plug-in radiator, it's a low input storage using half the kW of your old night heater. Fischer heaters come with a 10 year guarantee and 2 years for the wireless thermostats.

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Exclusive 40mm Clay Core
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Fischer the name you can trust for storage heaters

 Hand crafted and supplied directly from our manufacturers

 Effective, patented 40mm clay core

 All Heaters Have a full 10 year manufacturers warranty

 They are tested Independently by BSRIA

What our Clients have said fischer testimonials

Edward Alcock, OBE

"Hello Fischer,

I have received your brochure today advertising your products, but of course your records will tell you that I purchased heaters from you to replace my existing storage heaters at the beginning of November in 2013.

You will be pleased to know that I am extremely pleased with my purchase as the heating is extremely efficient and so easy to control through the wireless thermostats.

I keep a close watch on my electricity costs and it pleases me to inform you that my total electricity costs at the end of October 2014 (one year after the installation) showed a net saving of £130 compared with the same period from the previous year when I still had my original storage heaters. Although my electricity costs include all my energy purchases such as cooking and lighting, I have no reason to believe that any of that saving will have been achieved by any apparatus other than my room heaters. This may have been an even greater saving in reality as I think there may have been at least one increase in electricity costs during the last year.

Best regards,