Thermal Store Water Heater Benefits

Fischer Aqua Thermal Store Water Heater

The Fischer Aqua thermal store water heater comes with numerous benefits that will improve your water heating as well as the efficiency of your property. Unlike traditional water heating systems that come with a header tank (typically located in the loft), the thermal store water heater can provide mains pressure hot water. This improves water distribution, ensuring water is available at the same flow rate throughout the whole building. 

Benefits of Fischer Aqua Thermal Store Water Heater

The Fischer Aqua thermal store water heater is an inherently safe open vented water unit that has no risk of legionella. This is because the thermal store water heater separates the store of hot water from the water that actually comes out of the tap.

Whereas other water heating systems supply water directly from cylinder, the thermal store supply’s mains pressure hot water through a multi-coil heat exchanger. This coil transfers mains pressure cold water through the cylinder, where it passes the stored water. As the mains pressure water is passed through the coil, it is heated through conduction. Once the water has passed through the coil, it will come out of the tap at a warm, desirable temperature.

All Fischer Aqua thermal stores come with an inhibitor that is added to the cylinder during the commissioning stage. This prevents corrosion.

Fischer Future Heat have a fully qualified installation team that are Gas Safe Registered and N.E.I.C.E.C. Our installation team will oversee the full installation of the thermal store water heater, ensuring that it provides hot water to all areas of your property. The installation comes free of charge.

Once installed, the Fischer Aqua Thermal store comes with a 5 year guarantee. Unlike other water heaters available, the Fischer Aqua Thermal Store does not require annual servicing or a commissioning handbook.

Find out more. Book a free no obligations survey. Our friendly, trained heating engineer will visit your home and specify the correct thermal store water heater for your hot water needs.

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