What Is A Direct Unvented Cylinder

Direct Unvented Cylinder (Fischer Aqua)

Fischer Future Heat also install high quality water heating solutions that run perfectly alongside our modern electric heaters, or any type of electric heating. We can install any size direct unvented cylinder into homes that require mains pressure hot water. Find out more here.

Direct Unvented Cylinders - What are they?

A direct unvented cylinder is a water heating system that provides mains pressure hot water direct from the tank. This cylinder is perfect for homes that desire an optimum flow of hot water.

Fischer direct unvented cylinder’s are slimline and are also free from a cold water storage tank, which is ideal for homes that have limited space to store a large water heating tank. A direct unvented cylinder comes with an expansion vessel that helps to reduce the water level in the main tank as hot water rises. They are also equipped with safety mechanisms such as a pressure reducing valves (PRV) to ensure the direct unvented water heater works as efficiently as possible.

Your Fischer direct unvented cylinder will come with a 25 year guarantee, with 1 year on electrical components.

The direct unvented cylinder requires annual servicing for the guarantee to remain valid. Once the unit is installed, the installation team will fill in a ‘Benchmark Book’ and leave it with you after the installation. This will state that the unit has been installed into the property by a fully commissioned heating engineer. Each year, the benchmark book must be signed by a trained plumber after servicing for the water heater guarantee to remain valid.

Your direct unvented cylinder will be installed with a timer (please call 0116 242 5533 if you require instructions on how to use the timer). This allows you to schedule what time the water is heated. Once heated, the hot water will last approximately 24 hours, meaning the water heating only requires energy consumption once during the day. For the timer to work efficiently, the cylinder must be correctly sized to your homes water heating requirements. This will be established during our free no obligations survey.

Fischer Aqua Direct Unvented Cylinder

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