Death of the Economy Seven Heater

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As times move forward, so does technology. Whilst the economy seven heater was once the must have new appliance back in the 1970s, they are now dying out as customers across the UK and Europe begin to recognise that a new generation of electric heating has emerged. Find out why Fischer modern storage heaters are becoming the must have heating appliance and why they are a better heating solution than the old outdated economy seven heater systems that were once a high demand product. 

Say Goodbye to the Economy Seven Heater…

The economy seven heater is an appliance that offers the illusion of comfort, efficiency and fair costs. Whilst they retain a high amount of heat that is extremely warm in the mornings, the temperature output lowers as the day progresses.

As evening arrives, most homeowners that use economy seven heaters admit that they are left feeling cold and uncomfortable during the evening and night once the retained heat is nearly spent.

Due to the way economy seven heater systems work, once the heat is spent, further heat is unavailable until the heater has gone through the overnight production process. This often results in the homeowner using cheap plug in heating alternatives for heat during the evening when economy seven heaters are unavailable to use.

On top of this, the economy seven heater requires an economy seven energy tariff to run at a realistic price,  (find out more about economy 7 here). This is because economy seven heaters require in excessive of 3.5kw per hour (estimate). This limits flexibility, reduces saving potential and negatively impacts comfort.

Because of these reasons, homeowners are opting to remove their economy seven heaters and are switching to Fischer Future Heat low input storage heaters – a system that offers everything that is truly needed from any heating appliance.

Check out two full skips of old outdated economy seven heater systems below…

Death of Economy seven heater [2]
Death of The Night Storage Heaters 3

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Why are customers opting for Fischer Future Heat?

So then. The one question you may be asking yourself right now is how can Fischer Future Heat make a difference? Well, first of all Fischer heaters are temperature controlled. This ensures that the room gets the exact temperature required. To achieve temperature control, each heater comes with an accurate wireless thermostat.

Secondly, they are flexible, unlike economy seven heaters. How so? They do not require economy 7 energy tariffs. Whilst Fischer classed as storage heaters, they do not require a prolonged storage period. Taking as little as 20 – 30 minutes to store heat that can last up to an hour, the Fischer system intermittently clicks on and off when and where it is required. This ensures that you are only heating the rooms that you want heating, and to the exact temperature you want! No guesstimate temperatures, no windows open because a room is overheated!

Whats more, the Fischer system can be scheduled to activate and set times during the day. Using two temperature settings (economy and comfort), Fischer heaters  switch between the two dependent on the settings on the schedule. This is a great feature that offers complete flexibility. It also makes them perfect for homeowners that wish to remove all their economy seven heaters, or would simply like to use Fischer alongside currently installed economy seven heaters.

employee showing customer product

“Having bought Fischer heaters 5 years ago, I decided to invest in another 2 heaters as I was so pleased with the saving in running costs. I was also glad I did not have to bend down all the time to adjust the heaters. Fischer heaters are so easy to control and use, I would recommend them to anyone”

Mrs Brown, Northumberland 

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Now Introducing One Fair Tariff with Fischer Energy

To further improve the comfort and efficiency of Fischer heaters, we have started supplying energy in a fair, honest and simple way. unlike other energy companies, including the Big Six, we offer just one tariff that is fully transparent, ensuring you are always on the fairest deal for energy in your area. Without the complications of multiple standard variable tariffs, you can be sure that any electrical appliance running in your home will be doing so at the exact amount (in term of kw/h) you was quoted by Fischer Energy

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