8 Reasons to Choose Fischer Low Input Storage Heaters

8 Reasons to Choose Fischer Low Input Storage Heaters (BLOG069)

So many homeowners around the UK heat each room around the house inefficiently using old outdated systems. As a nation, we commonly use one of two heating systems – gas central heating and night storage heaters. Now, in the 21st century, the emphasis is on energy efficiency and the continuous development of low input electric appliances. Fischer Future Heat offer low input storage heaters that can make a significant difference to the comfort of your home. Further more they are a 0% carbon system (from point of usage) that offers sustainability. Find out why you should choose low input storage heaters now…

8 Reasons to Choose Fischer Low Input Storage Heaters

1. Fully Temperature Controlled

As Fischer Future Heat low input storage heaters work using a wireless temperature controlled thermostat, you can set the exact temperature you want. This limits heat wastage compared to gas central heating systems that work on a basic central thermostat, and takes away the lack of control that comes with night storage heaters

2. Independent Heating 

As Fischer low input storage heaters are independent, unlike gas central heating radiators, you can control each room to the exact temperature required. This improves comfort in all rooms and gives you the potential to make savings on your energy.

3. Flexibility with Energy Suppliers

As Fischer heaters are low input storage heaters, you can pick between an economy 7 tariff or a flat rate. Whilst we do advise that a flat rate offers more flexibility with temperature control, these heaters can work equally efficiently alongside night storage heaters on economy 7 if the wireless thermostat is used to its full potential.

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4. No Servicing or Maintenance Required 

Unlike gas central heating, low input storage heaters by Fischer Future Heat are maintenance free. This will save you in excess of £100 (estimate) on annual servicing.

5. 10 Year Manufactures Guarantee 

For complete peace of mind, Fischer Future Heat offer a 10 year manufacturers guarantee on all low input storage heaters that have been installed after our free no obligations survey. If for whatever reason your Fischer heater proves to be faulty we will replace it with a brand new one!†

6. Complete Heat Guarantee

Running parrelel to our 10 year manufacturers guarantee, we also offer a complete heat guarantee on all our low input storage heaters. If your heater fails to warm your room to 21°C we will replace it free of charge*.

7. Compatible with Solar PV

Staying in line with our very own slogan ‘the future is electric’ we push for sustainability and the change from gas to electric. As such, our low input storage heaters are fully compatible with Solar PV, making them a fully green alternative to homeowners that have installed solar panels

8. Proven Record of Lowering Customer Bills

Fischer Future Heat have a proven record of saving customers money on their energy bills through the controllability of our low input heaters. See below two reviews from our Trustpilot…

“Couple of heaters installed in my living room. Installation went smoothly. I’ve been using the heaters for several months now and they are working nicely. Also cheaper than my previous economy 7 storage heaters.”

Nick Rowden, Liverpool

“Absolutely delighted with the three radiators we had installed last December. You can control the temperature and how long they are on for. Our electricity bills have gone down considerably. They were fitted with no mess and everything was left in good order. Can’t recommend them highly enough.“

Mrs V A Bramble, Hampshire

Trustpilot Low Input Storage Heaters BLOG

If you would like to know more about our low input storage heaters, then give us a call. We offer a free catalogue and free heating survey service, giving expert advice on how you can improve the comfort and efficiency of your home…

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*This Guarantee is valid for 12 months from date of order.
†Guarantees/warranties are not insurance backed

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