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All Fischer storage heaters work independently, allowing each room to get the exact temperature that is required. This is a major factor when it comes to increased comfort and efficiency. Being able to heat a specific room is referred to as zone control. Find out why Fischer heaters zone control is far more efficient than other forms of heating here…

What is zone control?

Zone control is where each zone (or room) is controlled to the temperature you require.  This is one of the key factors that make Fischer heating a more efficient alternative.

Traditionally, UK homes are heated by gas central heating. At the most basic form, these old systems use a central thermostat that heats the whole building. Whilst TRV has been introduced in an attempt to improve control, it is still dependent on a boiler that produces the heat.

As Fischer heaters work independently without the restrictions of a boiler, each room gets the exact temperature set. For example, if you required 21°C in room X but a lower temperature in room Y you can do so. This is a more efficient way of heating, as only one zone requires enough energy to reach 21°C.

If you applied the same temperature requirements using a gas central heating boiler and TRV, the boiler (heat source) would still require enough energy to achieve 21°C across the whole house.

The only way zones are heated at separate temperatures using gas central heating systems is by changing the amount of water that is distributed into the radiator. Whilst TRV offers different temperatures in different rooms, it is a more inefficient way of heating as the boiler will still need to produce a high temperature for heat to travel through the pipes and around the house.

Wireless Thermostat (Electric Fireplace)

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Many customers that have converted to Fischer Future Heat have seen huge improvements to their comfort and efficiency thanks to the way the system works using independent zone control. See below two Trustpilot reviews from Rev. Dorothy Marsh and Alan Easton…

Heat we can get just when we want it!

“We are so pleased with our new Fischer heaters. They look neat and the fact that they are so controllable makes them really user friendly. We look forward to a warm cosy winter without the hassle of cleaning out our old coal fire or the need to remember to order oil. So thank you Fischer. “

Rev. Dorothy Marsh

Does exactly what I want it to do when I want it to do it

“Excellent controllable heating system. Had storage heaters that were cold at night but warm during day when we were out. Thought about gas but after refitting kitchen we decided against it. Enter Fischer with a great concept that gives us affordable heat just when we want it. Highly recommended.“

Alan Easton, Lanarkshire

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