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Did you know? We are not like the other German heaters. Click here to find out why.

Fischer is a unique brand offering the best in German storage heaters. Our heaters are manufactured and installed exclusively by us.

Be warm, Be in control, Be Effischernt

”Hear what our customers have to say“

We have just received our 1 year electric bill and we have had ONE HELL OF A SHOCK. Yes we are £125 in credit, YES £125 IN CREDIT! Thanks to Fischer Heating. We want nothing in return BUT to tell the world.

Mr Clough, Crewe.

The service from start to finish was excellent,no pushy Sales just professional ,they look classy and the heat given out from this system is outstanding,I have viewed the electric metre whilst these radiators have been on and I can honestly say it moves slower than when I have my A rated oven decide for yourself.

Mrs Mercer

The Engineers arrived on time, explained what they were going to do and got on with the job. Tidied up when the job was finished & removed all waste packaging. The control handset was then explained to me in simple terms, shook hands & off they went. If only other companies could work as efficient! Thank you.

Mr Wilkes

We are so pleased with our new Fischer heaters. They look neat and the fact that they are so controllable makes them really user friendly. We look forward to a warm cosy winter without the hassle of cleaning out our old coal fire or the need to remember to order oil. So thank you Fischer.

Rev Dorothy Marsh

German Engineering
High Quality German Engineering
Heating System
Controllable Heating System
Input, Smart Heaters
Slimline, Low Input, Smart Heaters
40mm Clay Core
Exclusive 40mm Clay Core
Heating Guarantee
Complete Heating Guarantee
Manufacturer direct
10yr Guarantee Manufacturer direct
Manufactured over 60 years
Manufactured over 60 years

Fischer has manufactured electric storage heaters for over 60 years in Germany. Our high quality storage radiators are now available in the UK. They provide an effective solution to the issue of rising home energy costs. With a range of storage heaters for every room, we can provide the perfect solution to rising energy costs.

Unrivalled Customer Service
Unrivalled Customer Service

Fischer provides a level of customer service which is unrivalled. From your initial enquiry with our customer service advisors to the final installation of your new German storage heaters, our team of dedicated staff are on hand providing you with the very best service and after sales support.  Check out our Testimonials and see what our customers have to say!

Independently tested
Independently tested by BSRIA LTD

Fischer future heat storage radiators are independently tested in the UK by BSRIA LTD. Our running costs start from just 5 pence per hour based on 1 kW Fischer storage radiator running on 14 pence per unit (kWH). No other German storage heater can match our running costs (Based on test results for 16 hours of comfort temperature at 21?C).

Getting the Most Out of Your Energy Supplier

Posted on: May 21

Keeping your home warm is never an easy task. And it’s not made easier by the unfair prices that are set by energy suppliers. With suppliers earning up to 50% profit this year compared to last year, it is clear that there has been an unfair surge in energy prices. This has bee…

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How can a home survey help?

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Our free survey assesses what size heaters your home needs for optimum heat distribution and energy savings. The survey will evaluate how much power is needed to fully warm a room. It’s also an opportunity for you to directly ask questions about our heaters.

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Redefining Storage Heating for a Warm Future.

Fischer heaters are an innovative replacement for night storage heaters.  With Fischer heating you can replace your old fashioned heaters with our modern low input electric storage radiators. Electric heating is clean and 100% efficient and has a zero carbon footprint at the point of use in your home. Electrification of heating should be considered as a high priority given it has a significant impact on total emissions.*  With our modern, wireless intelligent room thermostats, you're in control of your heating day and night. Our specialist in-house research department, design and manufacture high quality electric storage radiators from raw steel to the finished product. Based on independent test results conducted by BSRIA LTD in Bracknell, Fischer storage radiators use energy for up to 41%+ of the time.  

Fischer - Providing complete warmth and saving energy with our intelligent wireless room thermostats.  


Modern electric storage heaters are a unique way to optimise the warmth of your home without watching your energy bills hike. Utilising the reduced rates for electricity in an evening, they harness this power to bring lasting heat into the household. With over 60 years experience in providing quality German heaters to the world, Fischer has at last proudly produced a replacement for outdated economy 7 heaters.  If you are going to invest in a new heating system, it makes sense to go with the very best.  Fischer Future Heat brings you intelligent energy solutions that will help you save money on your bills whilst staying cosy year-round. Give us a call for a quote and see how we can improve your energy efficiency.

Now independently tested in the UK by BSRIA LTD


Fischer are one of the most economical german storage heater on the UK market with running costs from just 5pence per hour#. WE BELIEVE NO OTHER COMPANY PROVIDES YOU WITH A COMPLETE HEATING GUARANTEE TO ENSURE COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND.


Our commitment to you : we will replace a heater Free of Charge if it does not heat your room adequately.


+ Based on test results by BSRIA LTD test report 57240/1 for 16 hours of comfort temperature at 21c. # Based on 1kW Fischer storage radiator running on 14 pence per unit (kWH). * HM Government 2050 Pathway Analysis.

Fischer the name you can trust for storage heaters

 Hand crafted and supplied directly from our manufacturers

 Effective, patented 40mm clay core

 All Heaters Have a full 10 year manufacturers warranty

 They are tested Independently by BSRIA

What our Clients have said fischer testimonials

Gary Earey - Essex

"As a result of the cold spell in February of 2015 I decided to take the plunge and make enquires to have a new electric heating system installed in my 2 bedroom flat. After obtaining several estimates from companies I decided to choose Fischer Future Heat. Although more expensive than their competitors their product seemed more reliable and efficient. I certainly did my homework and scouted more than enough on the internet to find out why they had a good reputation.
I arranged a visit by one of their heating engineers, Mr Mike Clancey. What made me decide to commit myself was his professionalism and explanation of their products. No pushy sales pitch here, a real plus for me. After 3 hours I committed myself to go with 4 radiators and a plain Ivory brass fire place radiator.

Their installation team Shaun Faulknall and Keiran Jones did an excellent job and explained how the heating and thermostats worked. Unfortunately, I had to wait several weeks further for the brass fire place radiator but it was worth it. This was fitted by Matt Eaton and Nick Smith who did an impressive job climbing the stairs to bring in the product to my living room.

I am absolutely delighted with the system; the brass fire place looks so good and has transformed my living room. So to recap, a bit more expensive than what I thought but if you want a quality and an efficient heating system you can’t go wrong with Fischer Future heat UK. Believe me you won’t be disappointed."

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